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What's 'The one Thing' For 2017?
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From the desk of Mike Cooch
San Diego, California
Dear Fellow Marketers,
First I want to say Happy New Year! 

I hope that you have big goals for 2017 and you're putting the finishing touches on your plans to achieve them.

We are doing that same thing, and as part of that process...

I recently asked our Growth Insiders members for feedback on what we could do in 2017 that would most help them grow their business, and one of them responded with a question from the book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller, a fantastic book.

That question is:
"What's the One thing you can do such that by doing it 
everything else will be easier or unnecessary?"
Read that one again!

One of my favorite lessons from Tony Robbins is that you can create a more powerful life for yourself by asking yourself better questions, which I totally agree with.

And THAT is a powerful question.

It’s gets right to the heart of what causes most of us, ALL OF US at least at times, to struggle in our business:

When we don't know what our 'One Thing' is…

  • We aren’t clear on what our most important and impactful activities are…
  • So we spin our wheels doing things that aren’t really necessary…
  • We get distracted by shiny objects…
  • And everything just seems to get harder, even though we are working more and more.
If you’re an entrepreneur, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

We've ALL been there!

Which is why the 'One Thing' question is so forces you to refocus on what’s most important.

As we’ve been planning 2017 for our business, we’ve been asking ourselves this question...not only for our business, but also for the content we’ve been planning for you.

And we thought...
there Is no better way to start 2017 off than by Focusing on what we think is 
THE ONE THING for our business - and for most of yours - in 2017

...and that’s list building.

Call it what you want...list building, lead generation, filling your sales all comes down to the same thing:

How do you get greater volumes of people that are interested and qualified INTO your sales process?

At least 90% of the times that I’ve struggled as an entrepreneur, or when I’ve been asked to take a look at someone else’s business to see why they are struggling, it’s because they aren’t filling the top of their sales funnel with enough qualified prospects.

And if you don’t have enough qualified prospects to hear your sales pitch, everything else becomes harder.

As the saying goes, nothing happens until a sale is made.

If you don’t have a big enough audience of prospects, sales become harder, income becomes thinner, and no matter how good your product or service is, business becomes harder.

It doesn’t matter how good of a product you have, or how great your operational processes are, or even what goals you’ve set for yourself for the year...

...if you don’t have a way of filling to top of your sales funnel consistently, none of it matters.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that we are starting 2017 with...

Over the month of January, I’m going to help you strategize, plan and execute a list building and lead generation process that will create more opportunities for you and make many of the activities you’ve been doing easier or unnecessary.

This is true whether you are in information marketing, ecommerce, or local marketing...

...or honestly, any other business...

...because we are going to be focused on timeless principles that work any time, and in any industry.

During the bootcamp, you’ll get access to:
  • New content each day of the week, walking you through the most important strategies and tactics to build your list building system
  • We’ll share our Content Marketing Framework that is SO CRITICAL for building your list in 2017 and beyond
  • We’ll share our favorite ways to get traffic (mostly Facebook), and how we are getting cheaper clicks than ever (although that’s definitely NOT always the most important thing)
  • We’ll show our favorite landing page and funnel approaches to give you the best chance at acquiring leads and converting them into customers as quickly as possible
  • We’ll share our favorite tools that we’re using each day in our business that make life easier so you can actually get this stuff done
  • You’ll also get 30 days of access to our complete Growth Insiders membership site, full of additional training and resources to help you succeed in your business
  • And you’ll get 30 days access to our Growth Insiders private Facebook Group, so you’ll have a very active community of your peers to ask questions, learn from, and get feedback.
  • Finally, you’ll also get four live training and Q&A sessions so I can answer any questions that you have real-time.
All of this content will be put in a membership site, where it will be organized for you to quickly access and review it for as long as you’d like after the 30 day bootcamp is finished.

By the end, my goal and my belief is that you’ll have real clarity on how to execute a consistent plan to grow the top of your sales funnel - in any industry - in 2017.

And most importantly, you’ll have an engine of growth for your business that will make everything else easier or unnecessary.

EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To have a List Building strategy!
Don't kid yourself.

If you aren't developing and working a SYSTEM each day that fills your sales funnel with new interested and qualified don't really have a business.

This is one of - if not THE - most important activities of any business.

And it deserves your attention and focus.

This is as comprehensive of training on List Building that you will find 
for anywhere near this price!
  • How to setup your account properly...
  • The unique characteristics of the Instagram platform that you need to understand and capitalize on...
  • How to do research on your audience...
  • How to find and connect with the followers of your competition…
  • How to create Instagram posts that your audience will love…
  • Why I think this is the #1 ‘local’ social media platform, and how local marketers can quickly and easily use instagram to develop an audience and authority in any market.
  • Best practices ecommerce marketers can use to sell from instagram...
  • Strategies for quickly growing your Instagram following…
  • Must have tools to make growing and managing your account painless…
  • And much more!
To be clear, this is NOT any hype-filled 'make money' training...

...nor is it the latest 'hacks' or 'ninja' secrets!

This is the nuts and bolts, fundamentals, John Wooden-style stuff of building a process that fills your sales funnel consistently that works NOW and into the future!

So grab ahold of the freedom that knowing how to build a large, responsive list can give you as an entrepreneur…

But don't delay...List Building Bootcamp starts January 3rd!

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As with all of our products, this one is backed by our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

If you aren't satisfied for any reason, just email us know, and we'll promptly refund your money.

So if you'd like help implementing a list building system at your business...

We'd love to help!

I sincerely hope you are able to take advantage of this opportunity, and that your business opportunities in 2017 multiply because of it!
All the best,

Mike Cooch
Frequently Asked Questions
I am a Local Marketer/eCommerce Marketer/Infomarketer...does this still apply to me?

YES! We will be focusing on strategies that apply to any business, and I'll show you specific tactics that are working for us in each of those different businesses (we participate in all of them).

I am a Growth Insiders member...should I still join The List Building Bootcamp?

As a Growth Insiders member, you will get ALL of the content from the Bootcamp included in your Growth Insiders membership. However, if you'd like to attend the live training sessions, you need to join the Bootcamp. 

And YES, we have discounted the price of the Bootcamp by your entire monthly Growth Insiders membership fee! Just login to Growth Insiders to get your discounted purchase link. 

What tools/software do I need to use to make this work?

You’ll need to set up some very basic web pages and an email auto-responder at a minimum. We use Clickfunnels to do all of this, and we HIGHLY recommend that you do as well. We give you a free trial to get started with them, but it’s entirely up to you if you want to use something else.

How will I get traffic to my offer?

We recommend that everyone starts with Facebook ads due to the many advantages of the Facebook advertising platform.

What if I don’t have experience with Facebook advertising?

We'll show you a bunch as part of this program, and you'll have access to our Facebook Advertising Quickstart program in the Growth Insiders membership area if you'd like additional training.

Are there any upsells?


Will I automatically be charged for Growth Insiders after 30 days if I don't cancel?

Yes. However, if you don't want to remain a part of the Growth Insiders community, you are free to cancel at any time.

Is this product guaranteed?

Yes! Every product we offer is backed by a 30 day, no hassle, 100% money back guarantee. Invest with confidence!

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